Hemp & Organic Cotton Scarf, Jacquard weave
Heaven Hemp

Hemp & Organic Cotton Scarf, Jacquard weave

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Beautiful handloomed shawl made from hemp cotton with love in the Himalayas. The tassels have also been individually hand knotted.

> Plant based dyes (colours will vary slightly as these stoles are all individually hand dyed using vegetable materials. Natural alum stone is used as a fixer for the dyes.)

> Fairly traded sustainably sourced organic hemp/cotton

> Handmade on a traditional jacquard handloom (our expert weavers take about 1 day to weave 1.5 metres of textile)

CARE Machine wash at 40'

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ABOUT HEMP Hemp is naturally anti bacterial and anti fungal, it is gentle on the earth and it grows without the need for chemicals and actually replenishes the soil. Hemp is a very strong fabric, a plant with a thousand uses and unlike many of the things that are made out of cheaper less durable fabrics, hemp doesn't wear out, it wears in!