Our Story

One fine day this Nepali guy was lying in the sun and a thought came to him, it was from Shiva (The Hindu Lord of Nature) that he should call the company, Heaven Hemp because it’s heaven sent…

It’s believed in the mountains in Nepal that one day, Lord Shiva was pleased with human beings so he threw them down a seed of this plant called ganja, an amazing plant. It was meant to give human beings whatever they wanted, so that one plant could be sufficient for all needs. It can make cord, fibre, fuel, clothing, as well as produce 25,000 industrial products. It can give you oil and seeds which are a ‘super brain food’. The textiles it produces can be made fine and luxurious, as well as being breathable and thermo-regulating; warm in the winter, cool in the summer. It can also put nutrients back in the soil... it’s just an amazing plant.

So that’s the reason we wanted to call ourselves Heaven Hemp.  We started working solely on hemp products, but slowly over the years diversified into nettle, cactus, and anything natural anything handmade, anything people had put a lot of love and a lot of good feelings into. We believe in making products nicely, taking care over how it’s crafted, how it’s dyed, how it’s washed, how it’s packaged. We not only take care over it, we put all our good feelings, we put our love and we put all our energy into it so it can bear fruit and bring a lot of livelihood to people in Nepal, which is one of the poorest countries in the world. So that’s how we are trying to run our company, we are not only giving you good products we are also sending you good feelings and lots of love.