Why do we work with Hemp?

Heaven Hemp's ethos is all about our love for this extremely advanced plant. In the world today there is a lot of talk about LGBTQ etc. Which is overall a movement about acceptance of the whole spectrum of masculinity and femininity. So as not to digress too much with musings on this I will get right back to it. The Cannabis/Hemp/Marijuana plant is or should be a symbol for this movement simply because it is of itself both male and female and sometimes hermaphroditic. It also uses the sun more efficiently than virtually any other plant on our planet. This means it grows rapidly and only needs a short growing season. It is a powerful force of nature that does well even in the most arid conditions. Not only should it be a symbol for the LGBTQ movement, but it is also a symbol of the gifts that mother nature provides and should really be adopted by COP30 as it's mascot to help save ourselves from our own destruction, it is the symbol of our own reconstruction! Viva the revolution.

Hemp's uses as a plant are so plentiful that it can meet the overall majority of our needs as humans. Paper, Textiles, Transportation, Industrial and Home Energy.

Working with hemp is not just business, it is actually a movement in itself and we are proud to dedicate our time, energy and creativity to helping the hemp industry in Nepal and promoting the use of this plant's products in the world. Just like it was cultivated for millennia before.

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