Vintage Pashmina Scarf, Small Yellow
Vintage Pashmina Scarf, Small Yellow
Vintage Pashmina Scarf, Small Yellow
Heaven Hemp

Vintage Pashmina Scarf, Small Yellow

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Our Pashminas are handloomed in Nepal using only the finest quality cashmere. 

SIZE 6'' x 44''

MATERIAL Cashmere 70% Silk 30%

VINTAGE These Pashmina are from when Pashmina first became popular made over 20 years ago in Kathmandu, Nepal.

PASHMINA CARE In general, it is best to dry clean your pashmina. However, you can hand wash occasionally with care using only water or a mild soap. Try not to bunch the pashmina up when washing it - either fold in the sink or lay it in the bath. Do not wring or twist. It can be a good idea to lay the pashmina on a fresh, dry towel to dry and then hang. A pashmina does not generally need ironing - just hang it up unbunched and the wrinkles should fall out. If it does need pressing, make sure you do so over a damp cloth with a warm iron. Do not iron directly onto the pashmina as the iron could damage the surface.

Help support handicrafter's of Nepal and fight poverty by purchasing from Heaven Hemp, a Nepali & British owned company where we value sustainability, earth friendly practices and trading fairly and ethically. 

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