Vintage Pashmina Scarf, Deep Red
Vintage Pashmina Scarf, Deep Red
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Vintage Pashmina Scarf, Deep Red

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Our Pashminas are handmade in Nepal on handlooms by highly skilled weavers. The cashmere used is of the finest quality. It is hand woven with silk, and individually dried and dyed, and finally fringed with twisted silk tassels. Most people prefer a combination of pashmina and silk (70% pashmina and 30% silk) because the silk adds strength and shine to the garment. Delicate and soft to touch, it caresses the skin. Accessories made from pashmina are convenient because of their great warmth and compact size when folded and it is not surprising that pashmina has been successful in establishing its uniqueness among fashion wear throughout the world.

SIZE 12'' x 60''

MATERIAL Cashmere 70% Silk 30%

PASHMINA CARE In general, it is best to dry clean your pashmina. 

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