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Nepal is changing at a rapid pace, in just fifteen to twenty years numerous new cities have sprung up all over the country. It is a shame to see huge trees cut down and virgin forests being affected. 

My father taught me about trees and plants and how important it is to love them. He was the chief conservator of forestry in Nepal. In Nepal traditionally wood and stones have been used to make dwellings, temples and statues of Gods and Goddesses. I have always been fascinated with the knowledge our ancestors had and the level of skilled craftmanship, especially wood work. After reading numerous books on spirituality, yoga, meditation and tantra, I am convinced that the human race as a whole has to tread gentler on this beautiful planet.

This time at Heaven Hemp we want to introduce this amazing wood work to the world. Maybe the interest in carvings of Gods and Goddesses is less in the UK so we are bringing you the art form in photo frames, pens, wall hangings and trinket boxes. We can also create bespoke orders for anyone who has an idea and wants to see it come to life. 

There are various types of wood and the price is determined by how skilled the craftsman is. All the products we are doing are made from local upcycled wood. Once the carving is finished it is stained with either Black Japan, or oiled with cold pressed hemp seed oil. Both help to protect the wood and lengthen it's lifespan. 

This is the beginning for Heaven Hemp to work with wood to create products that people can use and love and keep for a long time. In the village we work with more than 50% of the youngsters have stopped the traditional skill of wood carving by hand. We are trying to encourage younger generations to continue this skill that has been passed down through the generations for hundreds if not thousands of years. We hope to keep this tradition alive and continue to support the wood carving community in Nepal. 

Please do browse our wood carving range here: 


and support these very skilled artisans.

With love from Nepal and the team at Heaven Hemp.

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