Monsoon Season is here...

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It has been tradition for centuries in the remote mountain villages of Nepal to spin and weave yarns and garments made from wild hemp and nettle. After the paddy fields have been planted the farming work is less, and the heavy rains of the monsoon make it hard to work outdoors. Hard working ladies in these mountain villages would instead sit inside and spin and weave.

Similarly for us at Heaven Hemp our work turns indoors and we get busy creating our next product or design. We use this time wisely to spin yarns from hemp, nettle and agave fibres. And create accessories like our hemp bags, wallets and handloomed shawls.

As it's the time of the monsoon, we'd like you to also enjoy it's abundance and have a taste of our delicious loose leaf Nepali tea. Simply select a packet from one of the teas listed and enter this code when you place your order to get it for free -


To qualify all you need is an order value of £15.00 or more. 

We hope you savour the tea and it delivers a flood of flavour in every sip!




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